Hey buds.  We’re Kindred Coffee Roasters.  We started our wild journey in the winter of 2013.  Sarah and Patrick Harms, a couple of sweet married folks, and Ryan Hammer, loveable weirdo and brother to Sarah, decided to start selling freshly roasted coffees online.  After a couple of years the three of us felt a pull for Kindred to become something more.  So, on November 13th, 2016, we took a huge risk and purchased a building in the downtown of our beloved community, West Chicago, IL.  What had been a foreclosure in rough shape became a beautiful coffee shop and community space through the hard work, love, and generous support of our families and friends.  Since opening our doors on January 15th, 2018 we’ve been serving our local community an incredibly delicious, equitably sourced, constantly changing selection of interesting coffees from around the world.  We pride ourselves on being a safe and welcoming space for friends and folks from all walks of life to gather, create, and relax.  We hope you’ll visit us someday, but in the meantime you can enjoy all of our current offerings by purchasing online

Sarah Harms

Like most magical unicorns, Sarah can be an elusive sight in the realms of our little coffee shop.  Her magic, however, is felt everywhere.  In the design, the flow of operations, our evolving aesthetic, and the friendly spirit we extend to every customer.  She’s a rad mother, with an interest in Kindred continually becoming an ever more welcoming space for the entire community.

Ryan Hammer

Having crossed over from the land of Faerie many years ago, Ryan brings a charmingly abrasive weirdness to everything they’re involved in.  Whether it’s roasting our delicious coffees, imagining new menu items, or curating much of our social media, you can be sure Ryan is infusing enormous amounts of care, creativity, and love into every endeavor they’re working on.  Ryan enjoys hangs with his partner Jan, their amazing cat Stella Blue, and looks forward to the journey of parenthood in 2019!

Patrick Harms

Here’s a deep cut, Trekkies:  Patrick is our Chief O’Brien.  He makes sure everything on Starship Kindred is working well so we can achieve maximum interstellar radness each and every day.  The functionality of Kindred, from its most basic to most complex levels, is contingent on the work Patrick puts in around the clock.  When not saving Starship Kindred from intergalactic peril, Patrick enjoys time with Sarah and their two incredible children, Ada and Owen.