We’re proudly nestled in the wonderful heart of West Chicago, IL.


Located in downtown West Chicago, across the street from  the historic Wiant House, and a short 322 ft walk west from the West Chicago Public Library.


We sure have ’em!  Everything from traditional preparations of classics like cappuccinos, lattes, pour overs, and batch brew coffee, to exclusive creations like our Dreamy Kindred Creamsicle, our Xocolotl cold-brew beverage, Brownie Points (it’s wild, buds!), and the Most Amazing Mocha on Planet Earth.  We also have plenty of amazing teas provided by our partners at Rishi. 
Additionally, expect to find other non-coffee treats like an excellent hot chocolate featuring cocoa powder from Askinosie Chocolate, and an utterly unique, exceedingly delicious Horchata Rootbeer soda made by our friends at 164 Brewing.  

We’re sure we can find something you’ll enjoy, friends!

Delicious Food!

We bake fresh muffins every day of the week, buds!  A variety of homemade bagels are available on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well!  We also serve a rotating menu of delicious seasonal sandwiches for lunch!  Yogurt from Traderspoint Creamery is available with or without granola, and we’re happy to serve select gluten-free treats from Lia P.

Take a look at our menu